Prescott Preservation Commission

The Prescott Preservation Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor and City Council, serving three-year staggered terms. Commission Members review, approve and make recommendations on work to be done to structures within local historic districts.

Meetings of the Prescott Preservation Commission are open to the public. The commission usually meets the second Friday of every month at 8 a.m. in City Council Chambers. Additional meetings are scheduled as necessary.

The job of the Preservation Commission is to:

  • Review applications to establish Local Historic Districts and forward a recommendation to the City Council.
  • Review and approve, approve with conditions or disapprove plans to remodel, demolish, move or change the exterior appearance of any existing building within an established district and review plans to construct any new building, structure or sign in an established district.
  • Engage professional architects, designers and/or planners as needed with approval of the City Council.
  • Advise property owners in a proposed district or from an established district of preservation methods and techniques.
  • Perform other preservation functions as the City Council may provide.

Meeting List (Upcoming)

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  • City Clerk
  • Maureen Scott
  • City Clerk
  • City Hall

    201 S Cortez St

  • 928-777-1272