Structured Sober Living Homes

Business Licensing Requirements – Structured Sober Living Homes

Each Structured Sober Living Home must obtain a license to operate within the City of Prescott. Effective January 1, 2017 the license application is combined for two City licenses required for Structured Sober Living Homes: (1) a Structure Sober Living Home License and associated regulation, and (2) Community Residence Permit for Community Development.

The total fee for this initial application is $600, consisting of a $150 one-time application fee for the Structured Sober Living Home License and $450 for the health/safety inspection and community residence permit. In subsequent years the fee for renewal will be $450.

Before applying for the license, please review the list of required information to be submitted.

Standards for the Operation of a Structured Sober Living Home

Each operator of a structured sober living home shall adopt and enforce operating rules and regulations that meet or exceed the standards set by the Prescott City Code 4-11.

Privilege (Sales) Tax for Structured Sober Living Homes

Structured Sober Living Homes that provide lodging, meals, or engage in any other taxable activity, may be subject to privilege (sales) tax. See this Recovery Centers Brochure for more information on taxability. If you are conducting taxable activity, you will be required to obtain a combined Arizona and Prescott transaction privilege tax license through the Arizona Department of Revenue.


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