• Garage, whether detached or attached may be added to your property. It will have to meet standard district setbacks and if detached may be as close as 4 foot from the rear property line or 6 foot from the rear property line if access from an alley is being proposed.

  • Storage sheds can be built upon private property that meet setbacks and receive either site plan approval (less than 200 SF) or a building permit (More than 200 SF).

  • Home based business is permitted when it meets the criteria set forth in the Land Development Code. This typically restricts the home based business from generating traffic, having frequent customers or having employees that do not live on the premises.

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  • Animals including horses are governed by Chapter 3 (Animals and Fowl) of the Prescott City Code. The number of horses is dependent on land area and setbacks.

    Chapter 3 of City Code

  • Individual stand-alone hot dog carts are not permitted within the City limits.

  • If your proposed split provides enough area to meet the minimum square footage for your zoning district, splitting can be accomplished by a formal application to Planning and Zoning for either a land split, revision to a plat or a replat. In all three cases, an Arizona Registered Land Surveyor will be required.

  • Yes. You must obtain a business license from the City of Prescott and your property will have to pass a basic safety inspection.

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  • Required setbacks vary from one district to another. The best way to confirm what they are for your lot is to contact the Prescott Planning Department at (928) 777-1207.
    Land Development Code

  • A single family for purposes of occupying a single-family home will allow up to 8 unrelated people.

  • In the single-family zoning district, guest quarters are permitted with a conditional use permit (CUP). The CUP is a formal application process to the Board of Adjustment. The guesthouses are permitted to have a fully functional kitchen, stove or range but can not be rented or sold.

  • The sign code provides for signage within the City limits. Banners are permitted on a temporary basis with a temporary sign permit.

  • Development Review (DRC) is required whenever there is new commercial construction, change of use or significant expansion to an existing commercial development. A commercial development includes residential developments, which number 3 units or more or any combinations that makes 3 or more units. A pre-application meeting will not always be required. Contact Planning staff if there are questions.