James Lamerson

James Lamerson

With a well-worn copy of the Constitution of the United States in his shirt pocket and a personal commitment to the moral tenets of the Ten Commandments, Jim Lamerson is dedicated to his responsibility as a City Council member because, in his own words, “It’s the right thing to do.”

Lamerson, a long-time resident and local jeweler, was driven to serve the community in a decision-making capacity. He and his wife, Anne, have lived in Prescott since 1979.

Serving on the Prescott City Council exemplifies Lamerson’s intense desire for public service. He has served on various city boards and commissions, is a past Rotary Club of Prescott president and a two-term board member. He served on the Prescott General Plan Committee, is a past chairman of the Prescott Downtown Commission and is a two-term former board chairman of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce, among other civic posts.

Lamerson’s focus includes providing high quality services to Prescott taxpayers. He is an advocate for public safety, maintaining the infrastructure necessary for basic services, and decreasing government involvement in private property issues and the free-market system. Lamerson supports private sector development of workforce housing by eliminating governmental barriers which prevent equal opportunity for a wide variety of housing to exist in Prescott. Expansion of the city limits and advancing intergovernmental relationships necessary to promote Prescott’s interests are also very important goals for Lamerson.

“I like a lot of non-essential things. My priorities however, will always elevate those things that impact peoples’ safety and life essentials first. I don’t know how I could serve the community any better than that.”


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