Recycling and Disposing of Excess Paint

Details about the Annual Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Disposal Day for Prescott residents will be forthcoming in mid-February.

In preparation for the event, is important to understand that latex paint is not hazardous waste. Due to its non-hazardous status, and the high cost of disposal, latex paint will not be accepted as part of the HHW Disposal Day (oil-based paint is still accepted).

Instead of brining latex paint to this one-day collection event, the Solid Waste Division offers several options for reusing, recycling, and disposing of excess latex paint year round:

  • Purchase the correct amount of paint for each painting job. Measure the walls and multiply the length by the height to estimate the square footage, subtracting for doors and windows. A gallon of paint will cover approximately 350 square feet with a single coat of paint.

  • Properly store unused paint by covering the opening of the paint can, and assuring the lid is completely sealed around all edges of the can. Store the paint in a place where it will not get too hot or freeze.

  • Mix and reuse leftover paint. Latex paints can be combined and used as a base coat or primer for paint jobs.

  • Dispose of excess paint by drying out before disposal or mixing absorbent material (i.e., cat litter) into the paint container until all liquid is absorbed. Only dry paint may be placed into trash containers.

For more information, contact the Transfer Station at (928) 777-1116.


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